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Our Little Divas Spa Party Includes...

Facial Relaxation Station - This station will probably be fairly new to the girls but very necessary🥰
The first step in the facial process is cleansing the skin with natural organic children’s face wash ! Made specifically for kids !

The second step will require our girls to choose 1 of 3 different types of face masks that has to sit on the skin up to 3 minutes.
All ingredients are 100% ALL NATURAL & great for the skin! Not to mention, they’re also edible !

The face masks are:
1. chocolate- 100% all natural cocoa powder mixed with water.
2. Oatmeal- 100% oats mixed with organic honey & water
3.  Honey- 100% raw organic honey

The last step is moisturizing the skin with organic calming kids lotion with all natural ingredients.

*all facials comes with sliced cucumbers*

Nail painting - The girls will have the option to pick out their nail colors (As many as they like) and bring it to our nail technician.

We also massage lotion into the hands and arms before starting the process of painting the nails so that the girls can feel really relaxed and pampered🥰
After the nails are painted, we send them to the nail drying station to let them dry, (no one likes smudged nails)

Pedicures - This station includes cleaning & scrubbing the feet with a very light foot & calf massage, ending with the girls getting their toes painted with their color(s) of choice.

Hair Styling & Accessories - We make the spa day a little more fun by having our girls sit in the mirror and see our staff styling and accessorizing their hair with cute little clips, bows, and head bands 🥰️

Fun Makeup Application - Not only is this station the most popular but it’s usually always saved for last, for the simple fact you can’t get your makeup on before a facial of course. We use bright beautiful colors for the eye shadow, lips, and cheeks. (Mascara is optional).

We Also Provide Sparkling Juice Inside Of Plastic Kid Friendly Champagne Glasses


Terms & Conditions

Pricing - $600 For UP TO 8 Girls (additional $60 for each Girl Over the Count Of 8)


Please understand the $100 deposit is a security deposit to secure your child's party date. The deposit DOES goes towards the balance of the party.

We Come fully equipped with all the equipment we use) We Do Not Provide cake, food, or any other party decorations

PLEASE NOTE: We do offer customized robes, slippers, sleeping masks with her Beauty Logo and kids names.

Travel:  Travel prices covers travel, toll, loading fee
$100 within 30 minutes from our location 
Anything over the 10 mile Radius will be an additional $1 per minute .


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